We have handled employment claims based on federal and state law as well as based on breach of contract.  These include a jury verdict of $3.55 million (plus fees which are yet to be awarded) which resulted in the largest judgment ever obtained by an individual under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a federal law which requires accuracy in credit and background reports.  See Palm Beach Post article regarding case.  Please also see the Results page for other results we have obtained.

Among other things (see section labeled “Consumer Protection” for more information on the consumer protection aspects of the FCRA), the FCRA  governs accuracy of background reports used for the purpose of screening prospective employees.  That was the type of FCRA case in which we obtained this verdict.  It involved a young man twice denied employment due to erroneous background reports linking him with a criminal.

We invite you to watch these videos answering frequently asked questions about the FCRA:  what is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?; what can I do if there is erroneous information in a background report about me?; and can a lawyer help me remove erroneous information in a background report about me?

Federal and/or Florida laws also prevent discrimination based on age, disability, gender, national origin, pregnancy, race or ethnicity, and religion.  These laws also prevent sexual harassment in the workplace as well as retaliation for complaining about discrimination.

There are also laws preventing discrimination in housing and we have represented persons making claims under these laws.

In many instances, before a victim of discrimination can bring a suit under federal or Florida discrimination laws, you must first file a complaint with an administrative agency such as the Palm Beach County Office of Equal Opportunity, the Florida Commission on Human Relations, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  There are short time frames in which which you must file a complaint with one an agency and the failure to timely file a complaint may cost you the right to have your case heard.

We invite you to watch our videos answering some frequently asked questions about these types of cases:  what kinds of relief are available under anti-discrimination laws? and what can I do if I feel I have been discriminated against by my employer or prospective employer?

We have handled many employment and civil rights actions.  Please feel free to contact us for a consultation with no cost or obligation to you toll-free at 866-452-9400 or at 561-242-9400 or by E-mailing me by filling in the boxes above.

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